Wilton Brownie Pop Mold

Wilton Brownie Pop Mold

Yummy! Perfect for bite size brownies, cakes, or even bacon pops! After drooling about pops in Apartment Therapy all spring I’m delighted to find these and can’t wait to use them. Thank god they’re a price i can buy and no one will even notice. (as in-not $80). (via sur la table)


LAMade eiffel dress

LAMade eiffel dress

Add some sandals and hoops and you’re ready for the market. Simple and easy for summer. AHHH….. (via penelope’s)

Not anytime soon

Living in the frozen land of the Midwest, I long for warm days and being outdoors. I am much to cold natured to make it outside in the winter for long periods.

doudna fine arts opening

So, what do you do when you open a fine arts building? You get to be fancy! It was great fun. Mavis Staples sang, I met Antoine Predock, and ate some nummy food. Plus hung out with these great chicks. (one is me) Yeah for the Doudna!

sunset bike rides


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Last night I rode because I was angry. I needed to expend some energy in a positive manner or risk blowing up at my family, although they quite possibly need it. That wouldn’t be the mature thing to do though so I got my bike and my camera and rode about a mile down to an old cemetery to capture the sunset. I must say, that was a much more effective use of my energy and allowed me to indulge in two hobbies I love-riding and photography. I got home and felt much better about myself and my family, which is the important thing. The beautiful sunset was just an added bonus.

Cure some more

So what have I done so far during my cure?

  • Torn apart an aging gigantic bookshelf and used the wood to make a smaller shelving unit for the bathroom plus shelves for the utility room on standards.
  • Put cubby for books in front room
  • Sorted out old bills and papers-I pay them them forget to toss. Why can’t everyone just be online bill pay?
  • Rearranged the front room to get rid of the bowling alley effect we had going on.   
  • Went through kids closets and got rid of old clothes.
  • Plastered holes in utility room and bathroom.
  • Hang plant shelves in kitchen window
  • Wash all curtains

Now I need to paint the bathroom, steam the carpets, hang the artwork, paint the stairwell, paint kids’ living room, refinish kitchen floor and find a storage system for our files and my handbags.

Just when I think I’m home free…..


apartment therapy cure

I decided to join in.  It’s already underway and I’m running behind but hey, at least I’m doing it. I’ve ordered the book but it hasn’t arrived yet so I’m reading all my AT and AT Chicago RSS feeds to try to keep up.  Then, when my book arrives I’ll try to get on board and play catch up.Yesterday was spent deep cleaning the kitchen.  I scrubbed it all from top to bottom, cleaned the stove inside and out, made windows sparkle, cleaned small applianced of crumbs and what ever may accumulate in crevices, washed out the organizers in my drawers, and so on.  Wow.  Then swept and mopped the yuck up from the floor. Today will be focused on making a list of what my kitchen needs and cleaning out the extra pantry.  We use it for miscellaneous stuff like photo albums, paint, pens, batteries, candles, etc.  It just needs straightened out and organized again- and weeding out the junk that accumulated over the years.I think I will enjoy this Cure, it is my first.  Even my children are behind me.  My hubby will start a project for me in the kitchen this week.  I’ll post pictures later.